IRC clients and system info scripts available to use in Thunix:
·Irssi -Sysinfo -Selective logging (shouldn't be logged via autolog) to disable logging for #channel or nickname on every network: /set autolog_ignore_targets #channel to disable logging for only the #channel or nickname on IRCNetwork /set autolog_ignore_targets IRCNetwork/#channel to disable various either channels or nicknames: /set autolog_ignore_targets IRCNet/#channel IRCnode/#channel nickname
·Weechat -Sysinfo -easy instructions for using SASL
·Written in C, ircII set the standard of quality for lightweight and easily backgrounded IRC clients that runs in a text-only shell-based environment.
·BitchX is originally based on ircII and influenced by EPIC
·trivial IRC client designed with simplicity in mind, usable in a screen/tmux session on remote server. 'j': /* Join channels. */ 'l': /* Leave channels. */ 'm': /* Private message. */ 'r': /* Send raw. */ 'q': /* Quit. */
·PHP sysinfo script
·Znc lately Freenode requests to use TLS/SSL and authenticate via SASL eliminating to "/msg nickserv identify" to configure SASL for znc use: /query *status loadmod sasl and then: /query *sasl set Username Password


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