Full backups

tar -c /path/to/data -f Backup.tar

Incremental backups

Only back up the data that has changed since the previous backup. A full backup only occurs when the meta file does not exist. The meta file is referenced with the -g option: tar -c /path/to/data -g snapshot.db -f Backup-full.tar To create the next backup use the same meta file but its own backup archive. tar -c /path/to/data -g snapshot.db -f Backup-incr-1.tar The restoration will recreate the original data contents. you would have to first restore full backup: tar -xf Backup-full.tar followed by next backup, tar -xf Backup-incr-1.tar -g/dev/null

Differential backups

Create a working copy of the initial meta file: cp snapshot.db snapshot-diff.db and use it for the -g argument: tar -c /path/to/data -g snapshot-diff.db -f Backup-diff.tar Restoring a differential backup only requires the full backup and the last incremental backup to be restored.


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