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Connect to in your minetest client


Connect to in your minecraft client. Running the Paperclip minecraft server.

Mail Services

Thunix offers webmail at You can also connect via imap. Thunderbird will autodetect your settings, and we recommend the use of Thunderbird email client, so you can get the best-of-breed email experience. We also recommend using enigmail with Thunderbird as well. You can get it from your distro's package manager, or from the Thunderbird project's site

SSH Fingerprints

256 SHA256:iuqEWXCqUNihqO7o4xLrJ05M+te09i3P+WrHZsjUdZY (ECDSA)
3072 SHA256:7gZXCqNUYBfrTQ8wYmLrD6rVc5zL5nYf2l5t8ZrLIBU (RSA)
256 SHA256:d+J8u5pmQ8sR1BM8/EpUiNAlL9by371utl1ncNgFG6A (ED25519)

Onion Service

Thunix's websites are available as a onion site as well. (SSH access is currently not available over Tor) Our Tor network (The Onion Router) address is kbguajmip4jlr2k3vpscmvymtxqnft267ox2ij6pdrgb5jcvx3kctkyd.onion.

BZFlag Game Server

BZFlag runs on the standard port. If you have a specific map you want loaded, send an email to root, and we'll look at getting the map swapped out

IRC Chat

Thunix is part of the Newnet IRC network. You can access chat via the terminal, with the 'chat' command, via your favorite email client at, or via a web chat interface located #thunix channel.

FOSS Project Mirrors

Thunix hosts mirrors for several FOSS projects. You can see the full mirror list in the sidebar link.

Website and CMS hosting

Collaborative creation, modification and management of digital content.

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