Tildeverse RFC system

...The RFC system for tilde boxes will be hosted at https://rfc.tildeverse.org/ and on the tildeverse gitea as tildeverse/rfcs...

...RFC documents are simply requests. They are for simple things like defining how something should work or how something should be done.

Standards documents are like mandates. They require something. For example, this document requires a would-be submitter to follow this format for RFCs. A Standards document can be amended by RFC documents, and any RFC documents in violation of a Standards document, unless otherwise stated within the Standards document, are invalid.

This system aims to help codify some things about Tildeverse tilde servers.

Submission guidelines (from the standard)

An RFC should be submitted as a pull request to the git repo. It should add a single Markdown within the content/rfcs/ folder, named according to what your RFC is supposed to achieve. For example, a draft name for an RFC to make tilde.chat allow IRC connections without SSL could be draft-tilde-chat-without-ssl.md.

Your RFC stays a draft until it is accepted. If or when an RFC is accepted, it will be assigned a number n. The draft is renamed rfc{{n}}.md, and in its frontmatter, the status must be changed to Accepted and the number tag must contain the assigned number. When you finish doing this, the PR will be merged.

Latest RFCs