Irrlicht 3D Engine
irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter Struct Reference

#include <IQ3Shader.h>

Public Member Functions

 Q3LevelLoadParameter ()

Public Attributes

s32 alpharef
s32 cleanUnResolvedMeshes
video::E_MATERIAL_FLAG defaultFilter
video::E_MATERIAL_TYPE defaultLightMapMaterial
video::E_MODULATE_FUNC defaultModulate
u32 endTime
s32 loadAllShaders
s32 loadSkyShader
s32 mergeShaderBuffer
s32 patchTesselation
c8 scriptDir [64]
u32 startTime
s32 swapHeader
s32 swapLump
s32 verbose

Detailed Description

used to customize Quake3 BSP Loader

Definition at line 37 of file IQ3Shader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Q3LevelLoadParameter()

irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter::Q3LevelLoadParameter ( )

Definition at line 39 of file IQ3Shader.h.

References scriptDir.

Member Data Documentation

◆ alpharef

s32 irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter::alpharef

Definition at line 72 of file IQ3Shader.h.

◆ cleanUnResolvedMeshes

s32 irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter::cleanUnResolvedMeshes

Definition at line 69 of file IQ3Shader.h.

◆ defaultFilter

video::E_MATERIAL_FLAG irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter::defaultFilter

Definition at line 63 of file IQ3Shader.h.

◆ defaultLightMapMaterial

video::E_MATERIAL_TYPE irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter::defaultLightMapMaterial

Definition at line 61 of file IQ3Shader.h.

◆ defaultModulate

video::E_MODULATE_FUNC irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter::defaultModulate

Definition at line 62 of file IQ3Shader.h.

◆ endTime

u32 irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter::endTime

Definition at line 67 of file IQ3Shader.h.

◆ loadAllShaders

s32 irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter::loadAllShaders

Definition at line 70 of file IQ3Shader.h.

◆ loadSkyShader

s32 irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter::loadSkyShader

Definition at line 71 of file IQ3Shader.h.

◆ mergeShaderBuffer

s32 irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter::mergeShaderBuffer

Definition at line 68 of file IQ3Shader.h.

◆ patchTesselation

s32 irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter::patchTesselation

Definition at line 64 of file IQ3Shader.h.

◆ scriptDir

c8 irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter::scriptDir[64]

Definition at line 75 of file IQ3Shader.h.

Referenced by Q3LevelLoadParameter().

◆ startTime

u32 irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter::startTime

Definition at line 66 of file IQ3Shader.h.

◆ swapHeader

s32 irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter::swapHeader

Definition at line 74 of file IQ3Shader.h.

◆ swapLump

s32 irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter::swapLump

Definition at line 73 of file IQ3Shader.h.

◆ verbose

s32 irr::scene::quake3::Q3LevelLoadParameter::verbose

Definition at line 65 of file IQ3Shader.h.

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