Irrlicht 3D Engine
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NirrEverything in the Irrlicht Engine can be found in this namespace
 NcoreBasic classes such as vectors, planes, arrays, lists, and so on can be found in this namespace
 NguiThe gui namespace contains useful classes for easy creation of a graphical user interface
 NioThis namespace provides interfaces for input/output: Reading and writing files, accessing zip archives, xml files, ..
 NsceneAll scene management can be found in this namespace: Mesh loading, special scene nodes like octrees and billboards, ..
 NvideoThe video namespace contains classes for accessing the video driver. All 2d and 3d rendering is done here
 CCProfileScopeClass where the objects profile their own life-time
 CIEventReceiverInterface of an object which can receive events
 CILoggerInterface for logging messages, warnings and errors
 CIOSOperatorThe Operating system operator provides operation system specific methods and information
 CIProfilerCode-profiler. Please check the example in the Irrlicht examples folder about how to use it
 CIRandomizerInterface for generating random numbers
 CIReferenceCountedBase class of most objects of the Irrlicht Engine
 CIrrlichtDeviceThe Irrlicht device. You can create it with createDevice() or createDeviceEx()
 CITimerInterface for getting and manipulating the virtual time
 CSEventSEvents hold information about an event. See irr::IEventReceiver for details on event handling
 CSIrrlichtCreationParametersStructure for holding Irrlicht Device creation parameters
 CSJoystickInfoInformation on a joystick, returned from irr::IrrlichtDevice::activateJoysticks()
 CSKeyMapStruct storing which key belongs to which action
 CSProfileDataUsed to store the profile data (and also used for profile group data)