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How to make a personal website

Assuming you either have your own webserver or an account on a pubnix server (aka tilde), or even on Neocities , you can use either a static site generator[1] or just write raw HTML. Of course for the latter point it requires a learning curve, and it'll probably be worth it.

If using a static site generator

There are many options over there , and below there's a list with recommendations You can try any of them, make sure to read the documentation of the respective projects. On some of them you just can write Markdown and get HTML as output by using any of those tools.

- Bake <https://github.com/felipetavares/bake> - Hugo <https://gohugo.io> - Jekyll <https://jekyllrb.com/> - Saait <http://git.codemadness.org/saait> - Static-site-scripts <http://git.codemadness.org/static-site-scripts> - ...and many more

If hand-writing

There are many HTML courses out there on the internet, one of them is W3Schools (which ironically though, it recommends using HTML5 , which is not really an standard but an actual draft, made by WHATWG) , but I guess it's good enough if you don't mind that. Neocities also has a course on HTML and CSS.

- Neocities <https://webguide.neocities.org/index.html> - W3Schools <https://www.w3schools.com/> - W3C <http://www.w3.org>


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