Welcome to mydeardiary webspace


Nice to meet you, my dear visitor!

Recently, I found a new passion to make the web a better place by publishing contents on the web. So I found thunix.net as the place far from home to host my $HOME content on the net.

I love simplicity of fast loading web pages, so I create web contents by writing text in markdown format and converting those texts to html using pandoc.

My pandoc usage is very basic. Still sticking with default template and no other fancy bells and whistles. Here is shell function used to convert my markdown texts to html output.

if [ $# -lt $2 ] ; then
echo "$FUNCNAME needs two arguments: input.md and output.html"
return 1

pandoc --template default.html5 -f markdown -t html < $1 > $2

So far, I feel satisfied with pandoc output, which is very readable and beautifully rendered on web browsers.

If you have any questions, drop an email to mydeardiary (at) thunix.net.

Update: here is speed result of this tilde.

Update: here is system specification of this tilde.

Update: here is my todo list

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Thank you.