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Free software is software that respects users' freedom and community.

Hi! I'm Cobra. I am a student, freetard, programmer, Church Of Emacs Saint, and supertuxkart prodigy. Hobbies include pizza, interaction with unix-like operating systems, and uhhhhhhhhhh

I use the TTY for everything except supertuxkart ;)



I packaged some software i enjoy into .spec files

I am a Saint In the Church Of Emacs


You can email me at but use PGP or die (pubkey)

PGP fingerprint is 037B 7C51 CAA9 F64A 5AB2 39F5 6817 66CB BC76 235C

$XMR: 83EkUumWPYh7q5SCJYErGRCd9bgEhgUMnT81VmMREqyYArCdMBf4zSsMiJR2t4V63j8nTsbrXB6uY8UimGd9UY5e4vqYL4x

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